Human resources and administration

1. Consultancy/ Compilation/ Recruitment solutions/ Training human resource for Enterprises

2. Management of administrative dossiers and documents of the company:

  • JAS will receive documents, texts, dossiers, etc., sent by the clients and classify, store their company’s data carefully and clearly.
  • JAS will receive and process information, update the system and advise on solutions in case that employee status such as illness, wedding, funeral, maternity, etc. are reported.
  • Advising/ supporting clients in establishing the internal regulations, collective regulations and corporate culture.
  • Advising/ Compiling / supporting in monitoring the implementation of compensation and benefit policies to ensure general interests of the Company and its staff.
  • Printing necessary documents as required by the clients to serve the administrative work of departments.

Human resources and administration

3. Management of human resource profiles:

  • Planning for recruitment, organizing recruitment, distributing personnel to departments.
  • Monitoring and reporting the personnel situation to the company’s leaders on weekly basis.
  • Updating and ensuring sufficient personnel’s profiles in accordance with regulations of law.

4. Making monthly payroll and bonuses:

  • Monthly timekeeping
  • Calculating monthly salaries and bonuses of company’s staff.
  • Coordinating with the company’s accounting department in paying salaries to the staff.

5. Reception at the events at the client’s company:

  • Answering phone calls, responding clients; greeting guests before they work with the leaders.
  • Providing materials, water, equipment, etc. required for the company’s meetings.
  • Organizing internal entertainment events, seminars, meetings, etc. or with the attendance of clients.

6. Management of properties and equipment:

  • Monitoring reports on the use and storage of equipment and properties of the company, making plans for maintaining machines quarterly, and plans for purchasing additional equipment to ensure the best work conditions for employees.
  • Based on a (monthly) list of necessary stationeries/ supplies for the company provided by the clients, JAS will plan to purchase and supplement so as not to affect the progress and operation of clients.

7. Management of Legal – Accounting – Financial – Banking information

  • Assisting clients in managing corporate budgets and finances with well-thought-out procurement plans, besides managing accounting data and bank account information to ensure reasonable and accurate reports.
  • Advising/Assisting clients with solutions on the performance of Tax obligations of Enterprises in accordance with the current regulations of Vietnamese Law.
  • Consulting / Updating / Supporting enterprises on legal and Vietnamese law-related issues.

Human resources and administration